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Regroup’s Mobile App is free to download and allows your entire network to stay in touch. No matter the scenario, it keeps your entire network connected, making it effortless for administrators and recipients alike to send and receive messages from anywhere, using the same unified application.

Regroup’s Mobile App empowers administrators, staff and users to effortlessly access and harness the capabilities of Regroup, right from their iOS or Android devices. Stay in control and enhance communication like never before.

Regroup Mobile informs your networks and empowers your admins — everywhere they go.

Regroup Mobile is a free app

For Regroup Clients

Simplified Communications

Unlike typical text messaging, Regroup Mobile allows admins to reach specific groups of individuals or entire networks. Send urgent notifications via email, SMS, call/TTS, MS Teams, social media, RSS, alarm and siren activations, digital signage, desktop alerts and more.

Two-Tap Emergency

When seconds count, Regroup Mobile’s pre-programmed QuickMessage Templates help you reach people fast, with only two taps. System administrators can create a complete library of templates, ready to use in virtually any situation.


Get replies from recipients and see them in real-time or use it like a group-chat feature. This gives system administrators the tools to take fast action to inform the team and ensure their safety.

Bulk Replies and

Regroup Mobile allows admins to select multiple recipients for bulk replies and updates. You can also select recipients in bulk, based on their response to the original notification.


View detailed delivery statistics from the entire network on your mobile device. Reports are also saved and available in your Regroup cloud-based platform.


Enable multi-factor authentication, single sign-on or screen lock. Turn on biometric login through fingerprint or face recognition to prevent messages from being sent by unauthorized users.

For Message Recepients

Get The Word
Every Time

Alerts can be delivered to your device with an active data or Wi-Fi connection, even when local cellular networks are overloaded and cannot handle SMS or voice calls. Never miss another important message.


With Regroup Mobile, recipients can receive messages when inside or interacting with a Geofence area. This keeps you safe and informed in critical situations in your area.


Configure Regroup Mobile to your liking with customized notification preferences, contact information and more.

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