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Redlands Community College

Redlands Community College was already using Regroup for everyday communications. But, when an early ice storm crippled utilities on campus and in surrounding areas, they turned to Regroup to keep their students and faculty safe and informed.

VHA Home HealthCare logo

VHA Home HealthCare

VHA Home HeathCare previously relied on emails and voicemails to communicate with its large network of staff and stakeholders. It selected Regroup Mass Notification as its first-ever provider for more flexible and responsive emergency and day-to-day communications.

Village of Point Venture

Village of Point Venture

Originally intended as a planned messaging platform to notify Village residents of utility updates, council meetings and other routine business, the local government of the Village soon found Regroup to be useful for a host of communications.

Arkema chemical

Arkema Chemical Manufacturing

The Arkema Axis chemical manufacturing plant is a 100-acre facility with 128 on-site employees and a full 24-hour schedule of operation. When they needed a communication tool to handle plant closures, COVID-19 procedure announcements and severe weather notifications, they turned to Regroup.

star pipe logo

Star Pipe Products

Before switching to Regroup, Star was reliant on email and a dedicated hotline to reach all employees about office closures due to severe weather or other disruptive events. Star also utilized a phone tree system when there was advance warning of severe weather and would proactively call managers to update their teams.

Price Gregory International

Price Gregory

Prior to partnering with Regroup, Price Gregory used a phone tree system and was reliant on email for communicating with personnel in the field. Additionally, the notification process was cumbersome and it took too long for administrators to message operations and crews.

Caribe Wave logo

Caribe Wave

A smooth integration with existing system, paired with superb support, is what led the Puerto Rican Seismic Network to choose Regroup as the mass notification system that will deliver early tsunami warning communications to first responders.

Sereno Group

Sereno Group

Prior to partnering with Regroup, Sereno Group was reliant on email for alerting their 300+ employees to emergency situations. Additionally, Sereno Group lacked a backup for emergency communications when their email server was down or otherwise unavailable.

International Data Provider

International Data Provider

An internationally recognized data and intelligence provider needed a service to communicate with its hundreds of employees in a fast and efficient way. Read why they selected Regroup to send both day-to-day and emergency notifications to over half a million subscribers.

Butte County

The Camp Fire, Butte County

The Camp Fire, in 2018, was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history, and one of the deadliest wildfires in world history. Regroup Mass Notification has customers who were right in the danger zone. How our platform was used provides a glimpse on how communities, businesses and safety officials can use mass notifications when faced with an extraordinary emergency.

Linn Benton

Linn-Benton Community College

Regroup provided Linn-Benton University with a modern solution that is easy to use and capable of managing their needs. With roughly 12,000 students, faculty, and staff, communication challenges had to be overcome to keep everyone safe and informed.

City and County of San Francisco

City and County of San Francisco

Needing a tool to effectively communicate with internal and external contacts through channels of communication, such as email, text, voice and social media, the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF) reached out to Regroup for help.

Fisher County Hospital District logo

Fisher County Hospital District

The “Heartbeat of Fisher County” had a mass notification system…It switched to Regroup Mass Notification to increase efficiencies in keeping its patients and staff safe and informed.

Charlotte Country Day School logo

Charlotte Country Day School

With a diverse set of communications needs, Charlotte Country Day School needed a versatile platform for campus day-to-day communication as well as emergency alerting.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design logo

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Regroup customer Emily Carr University had been using a competitor’s mass notification platform. It switched to Regroup in 2017, with the main goal of ensuring better customer service. In addition to using Regroup to close campus during a weather emergency, the school participated in a successful drill to test an early warning system for earthquakes.

Spartanburg-Community-College logo

Spartanburg Community College

With its interest in a notification system piqued by the tragic mass shooting at Virginia Tech, this community college wanted to be able to reach its students, faculty and staff quickly and easily to keep them safe from harm. But it was an extremely dangerous tornado — not a gunman — that demonstrated the value of Regroup to the Spartanburg community.

American Airlines Arena logo

American Airlines Arena

The world’s best entertainment venues need the industry’s best mass notification solution. After a security breach, American Airlines Arena security managers chose Regroup as their mass notification provider to keep guests and employees safe and better informed.

Mercy College logo

Mercy College

Mercy College needed a mass notification solution for both day-to-day communications and emergency alerts, but the state-sponsored system in New York wasn’t easy to use or flexible enough to meet its needs. The College partnered with Regroup Mass Notification to create its white-label MercyAlert system that students, faculty and staff use across each of its campuses.

McCarthy Holding logo

McCarthy Holdings Inc.

With thousands of employees in the construction industry, McCarthy Holdings needed a way to efficiently issue a vast array of communications to its workers on sites all over the country. Regroup solved these challenges by allowing McCarthy to have unlimited admins and the ability to reach workers on any device.

NERT, San Francisco Fire Department

NERT, San Francisco Fire Department

With a complex public-private partnership and such a vast network of compassionate San Franciscans who want to help their own neighborhoods, the program needed a way to communicate that was easy-to-use, seamless, affordable and available on any device. Regroup Mass Notification is the platform NERT uses to empower neighbors to assist first responders when it matters most.

Pensacola State College Logo

Pensacola State College

The largest and oldest college in the Florida Panhandle finds a new use for Regroup’s suite of mass notification offerings to keep its community informed and safe from harm — both from expected natural risks and unexpected violent threats.

Jackson County Health Department logo

Jackson County Health Department

Jackson County in western Missouri is the second most-populous county in the state comprising both Independence and Kansas City. One of the most important and life-saving ways that the department uses Regroup would be to communicate with the public, health care providers, staff and facilities in case of a public health emergency.

Viejas Casino & Resort logo

Viejas Casino & Resort

Viejas Casino and Resort wanted a mass notification system to use in case of emergencies, such as a needed evacuation during California’s frequent wildfires or an active shooter alert. But what it found was that there are a myriad of creative ways to use the system to communicate on a daily basis with its thousands of employees performing many different functions.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College logo

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

With 10 campuses and more than 10,000 students, faculty and staff, the historic and award-winning college sought out a solution for daily mass notifications. The college system switched to Regroup from another platform in 2017, due to Regroup’s functionality, ease-of-use, and because of its two-way communication capabilities. That two-way communication allows the senders and recipients, including faculty, safety officers and students, to text back and forth.

Adams County, Colorado

Adams County, Colorado

As one of the largest counties in the state of Colorado, Adams County faces a myriad of communication needs. In addition to daily needs that include closures due to Colorado’s often unpredictable weather, Adams County also needed to prepare its staff and authorities in the event of emergencies like an active shooter event. Read how Adams County makes the most of its Regroup Mass Notification system.

Wilmington University

Wilmington University

Wilmington University is a private university with a main campus in historic New Castle as well as six additional Delaware campuses, and partnerships in New Jersey and Maryland. When it comes to one-off emergencies, such as a building closure, or ongoing concerns, including the COVID-19 pandemic response, the university found the communications system it wanted with Regroup Mass Notification.


Town of Belhaven, North Carolina

The Town of Belhaven is a small Southern town located in the Inner Banks region in Beaufort County, N.C. After a disastrous hurricane in 2018, which soaked the entire town with between three and five feet of water, the town chose Regroup Mass Notification to power its hurricane readiness and communications.

Duncaster retirement community in Connecticut

Duncaster Lifecare

Before mass notifications, the community was using a phone system that was inefficient and not reliable in emergencies. Regroup offered the community a way to reach everyone, in every segment of the community, through SMS/text, email, and phone calls on any device at any time. It keeps everyone safe and informed, and doesn’t overload people with messages that do not pertain to them.

Regis University logo

Regis University

With more than 8,000 students, about 2,000 faculty members, and an additional 660 administrative staff members, Regis University recently faced a cyberattack known as a ransomware attack, which crippled its traditional ways of communicating with those thousands of people. It used Regroup Mass Notification to keep a steady flow of critical information during the attack and in the weeks that followed as telephone service and emails were restored.

VHA Home HealthCare logo

VHA Home HealthCare

VHA Home HeathCare previously relied on emails and voicemails to communicate with its large network of staff and stakeholders. It selected Regroup Mass Notification as its first-ever provider for more flexible and responsive emergency and day-to-day communications.

Fort Peck Tribes

Fort Peck Tribes

The Fort Peck Tribes in Montana is a reservation and community which is home to two out of the more than 550 recognized Native American tribes in the United States. It needed a high-tech solution for both emergency and day-to-day communications. Fort Peck Tribes turned to Regroup Mass Notification to serve its needs.

Atlantic Cape Community College

Atlantic Cape Community College

Atlantic Cape Community College needed a mass notification platform to contact its faculty, staff and more than 6,500 students and it wanted to do it in a way that would reach the right groups of people. It chose Regroup for essential communication, and also a bit of fun.

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